About Talkback 2014-016

POSTER USA TALKBACK 2016Artists Ferrier and Mitchell are invited to exhibit Talkback 2016 at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, USA in August 2016 (see support). A reinterpretation of existing and development of new material for Talkback 2016 will present a hybrid arts installation that continues to explore intersections of race and identity. It features interviews with 66 Americans and Australians, including prominent artists, who discuss aspects of their histories and aspirations. The project seeks to encourage dialogue about belonging, blackness, whiteness, and intergenerational continuity and change. The new exhibition continues the collaborative approach between Ferrier and Mitchell, who have both lived extensively in the USA and Australia. The centrepiece, a video collage, titled Talkback 2016, uses the artists’ complimentary skills to develop a innovative and inspirational work. Talkback 16 uses new digital photography, interviews, typography and drawing to highlight  contemporary events in Australia and the USA. The artists believe there is an urgent necessity to engage audiences of various age groups and socio-economic backgrounds, in a dialogue on race relations. An earlier development of the project was originally funded by the Artsource “Go Anywhere” residency in 2012. The new work returns to New York at a pivotal time for participants and audiences sharing cross-cultural stories and opening fresh dialogue, that will be equally relevant to the new Australian audiences we seek to engage. Essay by Leslie Morgan >


2016 – A.I.R. Gallery, NYC Exhibition, USA

2016 – Frankston Arts Centre Exhibition, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

2015 – The Academy Center of the Arts, VA, USA

2014 – Heathcote Museum & Gallery, Perth, W. Australia

2013 – Australian Catholic University

2013 – Melbourne City Library

2012 – Fremantle Arts Centre


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Selected Catalogue

“INtegration-SEGgregation” from Laura Mitchell on Vimeo.

@ A.I.R. Gallery, NYC Exhibition Aug. 2016 • Narrative Video Paintings 

This series is in development for the 2016 NYC Exhibition at A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn. It will be a video installation “animated graphic novel” made of her captivating and imaginative drawings and paintings with poetic typographic narratives. The work addresses socio-economic issues which challenge convention. The goal however is to promote an inquisitive curiosity for both the artist and the audience. Because of it’s challenging subject matter, the work will be informed by street, comic and pop art styles in order to captivate a wide cross-section of cultural and socio-economic audiences. It will be original in it’s approach to subject matter in terms of it’s relevance to current American and Australian politics, and unique in it’s approach to the pop art tradition.

“In-clusive • Ex-clusive” Concrete Video Poetry

Illuminated Paintings

  1. Inclusion Exclusion Montage – Projected painting
  2. Priviledge – Who’s Got It? – Backlit Transparency on Lightbox, 60x90cm
  3. It’s NOT Just a Name – “Hussie” – Backlit Transparency on Lightbox, 60x90cm
  4. “Inclusion” Concrete SCULPTURE Poetry – Projected painting
  5. “Inclusion” Concrete SCULPTURE Poetry – Aluminum Wire, Steel Bar, Electroluminescence Wire & Fiber optic Cable
  6. Some Never Had it, Some Never Will – Wire mesh with woven paper & fiber
  7. It’s NOT Just a Name: “Po’ White Trash” – Projected painting
  8. Schoolbusing for Integration Diptych – Projected painting
  9. Card of Priviledge=Happiness? (Coke) – Projected painting
  10. “Got the Ticket?” Concrete Poem – Projected painting
  11. MIGRANT – Projected painting (Collaboration with Tania Ferrier)
  12. Talkback Participant Montage (Collaboration with Talkback Artists) – Print: 60x60cm: Archival Ink on Hahne-Muelle Artpaper
  13. In-Exclusion – Projected Video, 2×1 meters
  14. In-Ex Man Diptych – Still from Projected Video, above
  15. POWER – Still from Projected Talkback Video, collaboration with Tania Ferrier