codybeachday_final_webObsolete & Nostalgia Series:

Kidogo Arts Centre Exhibition 2011, Fremantle W. Australia

When Mitchell first moved to Australia from America she immediately developed a fetish for the old style corner delis and “Milkbars”, with their distinct Australian style. She loves completing commissions for clients with the “Milkbar Deli” or other similar vintage subjects. Some in this series are fashioned upon black velvet, an homage to the 1970’s kitsch tradition, but incorporating abstracted contemporary collage elements. Other works in this series are in a more traditional landscape genre, originated in Mitchell’s fascination with memory/nostalgia and displacement/migration. One approach on this motif focuses on light, and the other on layered imagery. Both directions suggest the parallel existence in the mind of past and present realities. The layered series presents personal and metaphorical histories as layered visual texts where linear figurative elements are mapped onto more abstract fields. The second direction focuses on light as an expression of the ephemeral and shadowy nature of the fleeting moments captured in our minds as memories, in particular childhood memories. Sillouette and shadow play a large role in the visual suggestion of memory rather than present day reality.
Techniques include stenciling, the use of text, and glazing. Mediums include mixed media on canvas as well as printed and sculptural books, and possibly a large scale time-based multimedia installation constructed of rear screen projection material onto which “histories/narratives” created with text and image will be projected. Influences include “Low-Brow/Pop-Surrealist” artist Camille Rose Garcia, as well as Australian artists Del Kathryn Barton and Clare McFarlane.




“OBSOLETE” Series – Selected Research Photography (locations in NY, NY & Virginia, USA, Madrid, Spain, and Perth, Western Australia