A.I.R. Gallery, August 2016, NYC

Laura Mitchell (with Talkback)  •  A.I.R. Gallery, NYC   •   airgallery.org   

Exhibition Dates: August 4 – 21, 2016


Laura’s 2016 Exhibition with Talkback at A.I.R. Gallery lead to one of the gallery’s best attended and most culturally diverse opening events recently. Laura has been invited back for an Artist Residency and present one or more Cross Cultural Artist Talks & Forums at A.I.R. Gallery in July-August 2017. To further her arts practice during the residency, she will engage in masterclasses with A.I.R. Artists/Fellows Negin Sharifzadeh in stop-motion animation, Laura Petrovich Cheney in wall-hung wood paintings , and to mentor with board members and Gallery Manager Jacqueline Ferrante in the structure and management of a women’s artist run collective gallery.

A.I.R. was the first all female cooperative gallery in the United States. It was founded in 1972 with the objective of providing a professional and permanent exhibition space for women artists. The 2016 exhibition presented works by principal artists Laura Mitchell and Tania Ferrier with contributing NY area photographers Yulissa Morales and Mirla Jackson which opened on U.S. President Barack Obama’s birthday! Other principal artist/writer/academic featured is the esteemed Leslie Morgan of Melbourne, VIC Australia. Talkback Project artist team also includes Alan Thompson and James Kerr of Perth, Western Australia.

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