Talkback 2014: Heathcote Museum & Gallery, WA

Talkback Concrete Poetry-in-Motion from Laura Mitchell on Vimeo.

0. Inclusion Exclusion Montage – Projected painting
1. Priviledge – Who’s Got It? – Backlit Transparency on Lightbox, 60x90cm
2. It’s NOT Just a Name – “Hussie” – Backlit Transparency on Lightbox, 60x90cm
3. “Inclusion” Concrete SCULPTURE Poetry – Projected painting
4. “Inclusion” Concrete SCULPTURE Poetry –  Aluminum Wire, Steel Bar, Electroluminescence Wire & Fiber optic Cable
5. Some Never Had it, Some Never Will – Wire mesh with woven paper & fiber
6. It’s NOT Just a Name: “Po’ White Trash” – Projected painting
7. Schoolbusing for Integration Diptych – Projected painting
8. Card of Priviledge=Happiness? (Coke) – Projected painting
9. “Got the Ticket?” Concrete Poem – Projected painting
10. MIGRANT – Projected painting (Collaboration with Tania Ferrier)
11. Talkback Participant Montage (Collaboration with Talkback Artists) – Print: 60x60cm: Archival Ink on Hahne-Muelle Artpaper

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